Every so often there’s a media blitz about a group of people who used their credit cards to fund a really low budget movie that gets shown at Sundance and then the filmmakers get a three picture deal from one of the studios. Give me a f@#*king break! Do you know how often that really happens?

The reality is that most independent filmmakers don’t end up with deals. They make their movies because they have to, and then end up getting rejections from distributors, film festivals, even their families. So what, they’ve made a good movie. It no longer seems to matter...

Well, here it is gang, the ugly truth. The "Corporate" Independent Film World doesn’t want you, or your movie. The odds are your film isn’t going anywhere unless you do it yourself.

That’s what I am doing. I’m making movies, touring, teaching workshops, having screenings, and self distributing my work. So come on in, check out my site and see the lengths to which I will go to get my work out there.

Come back often, tell your friends, and hey, BUY some of my stuff!

Support REAL Independent Filmmaking.


Kelley Baker is well known for working with other people. He was the sound designer on six of Gus Van Sant's feature films including, MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO, GOOD WILL HUNTING, and FINDING FORRESTER. He designed the sound on Todd Haynes feature film, FAR FROM HEAVEN, with Dennis Quaid and Julieanne Moore. He was an Editor and a Sound Designer for Will Vinton's The Adventures of Mark Twain, and on four Claymation Specials for CBS.

Kelley also wrote and directed 8 short films which have aired on PBS, The Learning Channel, Canadian and Australian television. His films have been shown at Film Festivals like London, Sydney, Annecy and Edinburgh, Sundance, Chicago, Mill Valley and Aspen.

Kelley is also producing and directing DANGEROUS: KAY BOYLE, a feature documentary chronicling the life of "the most dangerous woman in America" (SI Hiyakawa, 1967). This work in progress was featured at the Independent Feature Film Market in New York.

To eke out a living Kelley directs commercials, corporate and educational videos. His clients have included NIKE, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Juvenile Justice, Howard University, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Kelley attended the University of Southern California's "Famous Film School". He received a BA (1980) and an MFA (1982) in Film Production, and did some post graduate work at the American Film Institute (1989). This and three bucks gets him coffee at Starbucks.

In 1985 Kelley received a Pioneer Fund Emerging Documentary Filmmaker grant for his film CRIMINAL JUSTICE. He also successfully raised funds from foundations and various individuals to complete the one hour film. Thanks to aggressive distribution and it's uniqueness of subject matter and stylistic approach it is still being widely seen.

Kelley has received a Western States Media Arts Fellowship (1997), and grants from the SOROS Fund (2000), The Collins Foundation (2000),Oregon Arts Commission (1993), The Jackson Foundation (1984), Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust (1984), The Maurie Clark Foundation (1984), a technical assistance grant from RACC (2004), and has done 2 documentaries for the National Endowment for the Arts, and The Juvenile Justice Office of the Department of Justice (1999).

The Pacific Film Archives had a retrospective of Kelley's short films, and both the Northwest Film Center in Portland, and 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle have devoted entire evenings to Kelley's work.

Kelley has spent the last six years touring the US teaching his subversive brand of filmmaking at workshops and showing his films to audiences at Art House Theaters, Colleges, Universities and Media Art Centers. Kelley has driven over 70,000 miles, flew to the UK, given over 523 lectures & workshops, screened his work over 243 times, talked to thousands of students, eaten his weight in patty melts and club sandwiches, drank a swimming pool of gas station coffee and eaten five cases of antacids.  ...more