When is the Bare Bones Script-2-Screen Movie-Biz Conference & iNdependent Film Festival?
The 8th annual Bare Bones Script-2-Screen  & Movie-Biz Conference  & Independent Film Festivalwill take place October 1-4, 2009.  This festival runs for 4 days with venues in downtown Tulsa.

What is the Darkwood Film Arts Institute?
Darkwood Film Arts Institute (DFAI) is an twelve year old nonprofit organization established to create educational, economic and cultural development to enhance the success of Independent Filmmakers and Screenwriters, Actors and Directors.

What does the name "Bare Bones" mean?
A 'bare bones' budget is one that is far left of a million dollars, usually helmed by a multi-tasking filmmaker that produces an independent motion picture by any means necessary.  We adopted the name as representative of the kinds of films to be screened and exhibited.

Why Tulsa, OK?
Tulsa, OK is the largest populated city in the state of Oklahoma, boasting some of the states most outstanding landmarks and museums and industries.  With Oklahoma being situated in the middle of the USA, you can travel from Tulsa to either coast in the same amount of time, making it a perfect location for this event. 

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
If you are booked at the most Tulsa Hotels, you may ask for a no-extra charge shuttle pickup upon arrival, they will bring you directly to the hotel.  (Don't forget to tip your driver.  The hotel may also arrange to take you to hotspots, shopping centers or other points of interest, as time allows.


Who is running the show?
Veteran and Newcomer Volunteers handle all aspects of the festival.  A steering committee plans the events and joins enthusiastic volunteers is carrying them out.

Where do festival events & screenings take place?
Tulsa Community College-Metro Campus is located at 909 S. Boston Ave bordered by Cincinnati.  The festival venues for panels and seminars, receptions and movie screenings are held on the first & second floors of the east end of the campus.  The Philips Auditorium is venue for the Awards Gala and screenings. www.tulsacc.edu

Are there parties planned?
Yes, for the general public, there is a special Opening night reception and a Gala night party.  See ticketing page for prices to these events.  There are also filmmaker and special guest parties held throughout the festival, open to all-access passholders and sponsors and volunteers.

Are awards given during the festival?
Festival Juried Awards for Best of the Fest are given in the categories of Best Screenplay, Best Feature, Best Mini, Best Short, Best Documentary, Best Music Video, Best Soundtrack, Best Student, Best TV pilot.  Audience Choice Awards are selected by registered attendee balloting.  Genre Awards are given for Best Drama, Best Comedy, Best Horror/Thriller, Best Sci-Fi, Best Family, Best Western.  (partial listing)

How can I submit a film?
Films for the Script-2-Screen Indepndent Film Festival are selected by the programming committee for acceptance.  An open call runs from March through July 31st.  Each submitted film is viewed in it's entirety by the committee using a judging point system.  All are considered for awards but not guaranteed a screening.  Entry forms are available online.  Programming inquiries should be sent to script2screenfilmfest@yahoo.com  223 N. 3rd St, Suite 201 Muskogee, OK 74401

How can I submit a screenplay?
Unproduced screenplays may be submitted online in pdf or word along with an entry form.  Hard copies may also be submitted for consideration.  A reading team reads all scripts in their entirety using a point judging system.  Finalists may be invited for a live reading during the festival.  Winners are announced during the Awards Gala. Inquiries should be sent to script2screenfilmfest@yahoo.com

How can I volunteer?
Volunteers are welcome.  For a volunteer request form, click on the volunteer link.  For more info, contact script2screenfilmfest@yahoo.com

How can I become a sponsor of the festival?
A number of generous sponsors make this festival possible.  Visit our sponsor link for sponsor opportunities.  Sponsor banners are listed on the main festival page. Send inquiries about customizing your sponsor offer to shironbutterfly@gmail.com  or for more information.

Who is sponsoring this film festival?
Darkwood Film Arts Institute (DFAI) is our Producing Sponsor.  They are also our Script-2-Screen Film Conference presenter.
Other sponsors are listed on our main page.

Who should the media contact?
For media information, press releases, contact Oscar Ray-Marketing Director-918-616-1335  barebonespress@yahoo.com

How/Where can I buy tickets?
We offer ticketing options:  'a la carte' for those who just want to sample a few of the festival offerings and our main course is a 'buffet' where the festival goers have many options and can pick and choose what they want for one low price.
On festival website: www.script2screenfilmfestival.com
by mail: 223 N. 3rd St. Suite 201 Muskogee, OK 74401
Tickets will be held at Box Office for easy pickup.
in person: Festival Box Offices onsite.