We offer our volunteers many opportunities to see the festival movies before, during and after the main event.  We also offer opportunitites for you to offer tickets to friends and relatives at  discount when purchased through you.  If there are other considerations you would lik as a part of your Volunteer Agreeent, submit your request to the Festival's Volunteer Coordinator.

[_] Computer SKills:  I have a laptop computer available for my use anywhere
[_] Telephone Skills:  I am confident when answering questions or giving directions.
[_] People Skills:  I never meet a stranger and am great at putting people at ease.
[_] Projection Skills: I love to watch movies and would be happy to run the projection booth.
[_] Concession Skills:  I am proficient at operating the popcorn maker, and can handle money accountability.
[_] Box Office Skills: I am proficient at handling ticket sales and making change and can handle money accurately.
[_] Sales Booth:  I am proficient at suggestive selling for souvenirs and festival films and can handle money accurately.
[_] Room Monitor/Security: I am proficient at remembering faces and would be great at checking wristband and solving minor challenges within a given space.
[_] Decorating Skills: I have an eye for production design and am artistic.  I would be an asset in helping to set up venues for special events.
[_] Set up/Break Down: I know how to carefully unpack or pack up supplies and/or equipment. 

We hope that this self-assessment will help you to identify where you will function best and be of valuable assistance to the festival while meeting your goals at the same time.
All volunteers are welcome at all events and movie screenings when they are not on a specific task.  Afterparties and receptions are included.
Feel free to tell us about our personality, your artistic skills and availabiltity. 

PEOPLE SKILLS:  Check all that is TRUE for you:
I prefer working with people that are mostly like myself.
I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds that may be different from mine.
I try to anticipate the needs of others.
I tend to get tired of people after an hour or so.
I would rather do a task than ask someone to help me.
I will cross the street rather than face someone whom I detest.
I speak to people first, most of the time.
I prefer for someone else to introduce me to a stranger rather than do it myself.
I pay attention to other people's needs as I would my own.
I follow instructions and directions with ease.
I prefer to decide on my own and would rather not have anyone tell me what to do.
I can find something complimentary to say about most people I meet.
I try to sway others to my way of thinking and doing things.
I pride myself on keeping commitments.

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